“As time marches on, acceptance is great, but enhancement is better.”

Each of us is unique. A beautiful being growing through life’s changes.

Every experience brings more richness and personality. We’re blessed to live in a place and time where tolerance is on the rise, and the positives of ageing are appreciated.

But many of us find the way time plays out on our appearance hard to accept. Society pressures us to ‘be real’ and accept our flaws, while a smooth and youthful complexion is held up as the ideal.

We want to invite you to forget your insecurities about looking older and forgive your guilt about wanting to look beautiful, because the best of both is possible. Through skincare products backed by science, the 'wow' factor can power our confidence.

Rather than trying to reach an impossible ideal, we can relish our own skin looking younger and feel ready for the world. What we see in the mirror is not the universal ideal of perfection, but our own fabulous selves, refreshed and revitalised. ‘I look like the me I want to be’.



The way we communicate with our customers is key to standing out in a crowded market.

A consistent tone of voice is crucial as it embodies our brand personality and allows our audience to recognise and remember us. We regularly refresh and evolve our tone of voice to align with the shifting priorities of our existing customers, as well as attract new ones.

Generous Experts Armed. With extensive experience in skincare, we know our domain inside out. We share this knowledge with the warmth of a friend and speak with a natural confidence that instils trust. We take pleasure in explaining the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of our proven products, without resorting to jargon or complexity. Though we're backed by science, we avoid sounding clinical. We offer a fresh perspective beyond tired skincare clichés.

Empowering and Energising. We want our customers to look and feel their best. We welcome them as they are and ensure they leave feeling fabulous in their skin. We focus on the positives, using affirmative language. The downsides of ageing and skin issues are transformed with energising words that inspire action and change.

Relatable and Unpretentious. We're relatable, fostering connections over things that our customers genuinely care about. We maintain the value of the brand without resorting to excessive humor or flippancy. We create intimacy with an invitational inclusiveness. We steer clear of pretentious, flowery language or high concepts. The Perfect Cosmetics Company interacts with customers across a wide range of touchpoints. Depending on the platform, we can emphasize different aspects of our tone. The website allows for the sharing of more detail to underscore our 'generous expertise'. TV supports 'making knowing connections over things our customers care about'. Social media is best for 'empowering and uplifting' messages. But regardless of the platform, all communications rest on our three tone of voice pillars.

Assets all about Trust in Transformation. At The Perfect Cosmetics Company. We understand that seeing is believing. Our greatest trust builder lies in our before and after images and videos that showcase the amazing transformations our products can achieve. This proof of effectiveness must be front and centre in everything we do. While our packaging is important, the potency of our product is such that even if we sold it in a teacup, it would still be highly desired.