Supporter Spotlight - My Perfect Cosmetics Company

Supporter Spotlight - My Perfect Cosmetics Company

For over four years Whitelion has been lucky to partner with My Perfect Cosmetics Company to help at risk young people across Australia.

Managing Director Penny Lane is a proud Whitelion Ambassador who is personally active in fundraising and guiding the organisation as well as rallying her My Perfect Cosmetics Company team behind the cause.

Penny has supported Whitelion in every way imaginable, from setting up promotional activities for Whitelion through her media networks to MC-ing our Leading The Pride high tea event – right through to getting a team together to participate in our annual immersive event, Bail Out. Always thinking creatively about how to support at risk youth Penny even asks her customers to donate to Whitelion’s programs which results in a huge $25,000 of donations a year.

Initially designed to combat the harsh environmental factors associated with the Australian outdoors way of life, My Perfect Cosmetics Company today tackles major ageing issues, including sun damage, with its range of impressive anti-ageing products. My Perfect Cosmetics Company currently has operational bases in Australia, England and the United States, where the company remains dedicated to empowering women and men globally to grow old gracefully, through delivering a collection of hard-working and effective products that stand by their primary mission statement of being Tried, Tested and True.

Penny and her team are passionate advocates for both their own company and for Whitelion’s work with highly vulnerable, high risk youth. Their involvement make a tangible difference to our ability to reach young people and we think they deserve a shout out as we reflected on those who have supported us in 2019!