My Perfect Facial

My Perfect Facial


I don’t know about you, but I have been doing a lot of my self-care at home over the past year. Whether it is deep conditioning my hair or treating my skin, I’ve been looking for great, at home products, to try and enjoy! My Perfect Facial is a great regime that tones, firms and lifts skin to soften wrinkles and fine lines on the face and neck and is really simple to use! Sometimes it can be hard to find products that are the same quality as those used in a spa, but My Perfect Facial is clinically-proven and delivers a spa-like facial right in your own home! Key ingredients include Vitamin E, Sea Algae and Collagen to protect and enhance skin!

See here for a full listing of ingredients.

Check out my step-by-step tutorial of My Perfect Facial below!



Using the My Perfect Activating Gel and Elevating Powder, mix a large spoonful of the Activating Gel and a medium spoonful of the Elevating Powder to make a paste.



Using the fan brush, spread the paste upwards and outwards on your face, making sure to get areas like the upper lip, jowls and neckline as well.



Once the mask is applied, leave it on for 20-30 minutes and limit the use and movement of your face for that time. After about 8-10 minutes, the mask will begin to set and tighten, allowing the ingredients to start penetrating the skin and working!



After about 20-30 minutes, simply soak a towel in water and gently wipe the mask away and pat skin dry.



Smooth one small spoonful of the Collagen soak in upward and outward motions on skin to finish the facial!


For the best results, My Perfect Cosmetics recommends applying the facial 3 times in the first week, twice in the second week and then weekly going forward.

While the mask was applied you probably felt some tightening. This sensation is caused by the product tightening and lifting as it stimulates and triggers blood flow to your face, which is helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The tightening is also stimulating protein-dissolving enzymes that help to remove dead skin cells, resulting in a brighter and more even complexion. This is especially important to me because my skin can sometimes get dull!

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I am really excited to continue using the My Perfect Facial weekly and enjoying the results of more even and smooth skin!