Worried About Wrinkles? Women Are Showing Off Staggering Results

Worried About Wrinkles? Women Are Showing Off Staggering Results

Finding a product that's affordable and really busts wrinkles is the holy grail for a lot of women.

New cream My Perfect Eyes could be just that though, as people are already praising the results they get from it - plus it's a snip at just under £30.

 This woman applied the cream to the eye on the right as you look at her

It's a cream for the under eye area, which is supposed to help  puffiness, temporarily get rid of wrinkles and improve dark shadows.

People smooth it on and within just one minute their under eye looks noticeable better.

The downside is this is just a temporary fix, with the makers clear that results only last for 10 hours tops.

 Some of the results have been astounding
 It works on dark circles, bags, lines and wrinkles

The cream's TV ad shows women getting staggering results when they use it.

In fact, the results are so impressive some people have complained about the ad. They suggested it couldn't possibly do what it was claiming.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) looked into it and backed the cream's maker The Perfect Cosmetics Company.

The firm tested the product on 24 people, putting it on one of their eyes. The ASA found that 50% of the testers showed a "marked" improvement on the eye area the cream was put on.

 This lady had her wrinkles read before using the cream
 And afterwards

Most of the people who took part had a decent improvement in lines and wrinkles too.

Doctor Hugo Kitchen talks up the cream in the ad too, and the ASA found his praise was fair.

The big thing about My Perfect Eyes is that there's no claim that it will permanently get rid of wrinkles.

It's a tightening cream which works quickly by adding a kind of film on the skin so lines are almost filled and bags squashed flat.

 Would you give it a go?