My Perfect Cosmetics Routine

My Perfect Cosmetics Routine


During this time of quarantine, I have taken it upon myself to work on my self-care. Everything from taking care of my mind, body and soul is on the table right now. With respect to my body, I am doing my best to take extra care of my hair, nails and especially my skin. I have struggled with acne and oily skin my entire life. I have tried a number of beauty and makeup brands, some of which worked well for me and some that didn’t. Today, in collaboration with My Perfect Cosmetics, I am sharing my review of their beauty and makeup line. I am going to tell you all about My Perfect Cosmetics Routine and how it has worked for me over the past few weeks!

Their skin care products have been specifically developed to target wrinkles and fine lines. From there, they moved to developing makeup that further enhances the appearance of smooth skin! As I mentioned, I have made it my mission to improve my self-care during quarantine. Even though I am still working remotely full-time, I have a little more flexibility to work while I have a face or hair mask on. I swear by full face masks that aim to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate skin. While I am by no means “old”, nor do I have deep or visible wrinkles, my ongoing history of acne has definitely taken its toll on my skin. I still have a breakout every now and then, which causes me to use powerful topical spot treatments to target those breakouts. After a breakout is gone and my skin is clear, I like to give myself a facial and deep moisturizing treatment to revitalize my skin. My hope is that by keeping my skin balances and clean, I can minimize the number of breakouts that I get in any given month.

The rejuvenating facial sheet mask is perfect for this! It is super moisturizing and made my skin bright and refreshed! Additional, the facial works to dissolve dead skin and turnover old cells, making your skin look refreshed and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines! Overall, I had an amazing experience with the products and plan to continue my journey of self-care even after quarantine is over!

Check out My Perfect Cosmetics Routine below!


Research, test and buy the RIGHT makeup. That not only means the right color makeup for your skin tone, but also the right type of makeup for your skin type! If you have deep wrinkles and fine lines, a lighter and more powdery makeup may look better than a heavy, full coverage foundation. If you have oily skin, like me, a matte foundation may be better suited to your skin rather than a more dewy foundation.


Exfoliate skin to get rid of dead skin and old cells and then use a rejuvenating and hydrating face make for a deep moisturizing kick to really enhance your skin!