Bright Eyes My Perfect Eyes Review: Does it work?

Bright Eyes My Perfect Eyes Review: Does it work?

MY PERFECT Eyes claims to banish wrinkles in seconds; diminishing bags, puffiness, and dark circles, just like an eraser in a bottle. But does it work?

It’s been hailed as the ultimate under eye cream so we decided to put it to the test to see if it gave our eyes the refresh we needed.

Selling one every 60 seconds globally, My Perfect Eyes is the brainchild of Penny Lane, a native British businesswoman who now resides in Australian, who wanted to create an eye cream that worked quickly with results that could be seen immediately.

It even came under fire from the British Advertising Standards Association (ASA) as people claimed it couldn’t possibly remove wrinkles instantly. But after investigation, it was classified as a cosmetic (similar to a lipstick or a concealer) that has a ‘delicate web consistency’, covering wrinkles as a temporary measure rather than permanent.


  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Lightweight consistency
  • Delicate fragrance
  • Instant tightening effect
  • Great price


  • Did not get rid of dark circles, although did tighten under eye area.
  • Can’t wear any eye makeup that is oil-based, as it breaks down the product
  • Did not last for the full 10 hours

My Perfect Eyes: quick summary

  • My Perfect Eyes 100 applications, £17.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy - buy here

Well, one of its main ingredients, Magnesium, creates a clear thin veil over the skin, contracting as it dries to create a temporary lift and compress puffiness.

We certainly felt within a couple of minutes there was a tightening on the skin which felt tingly. After being worried about what the tingliness might be we quickly Googled what the sensation could be. But we had nothing to fear! And we were relieved to see that it was simply Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, a purified clay that absorbs excess facial oil and keeps skin matte.

But does it actually work? Well, we felt it definitely tightened the skin with plumping effects around the wrinkles. But the pesky dark circles? They still remained.

The other addition is you can not wear any eye makeup over the area, as most makeup contains oil which breaks the product down. This means that, alas, your normal makeup routine can not go on. Luckily, My Perfect Eyes have created an oil-free foundation to be able to wear with the eye cream so we were happy to use this over the top instead.


Unboxing and First Impressions

My Perfect Eyes comes in a dropper bottle with an oval-shaped wand in simple but classy white packaging. Inside the box, full instructions were clear and easy to read.  There is a specific protocol to follow so we took time to read the exact steps or the product will not work!

Due to the magnesium in this product, My Perfect Eyes doesn’t mix well with oil-based products, including moisturisers, gels and some make-up so it must be noted to not apply these as it will be game over!

But we loved that there is a My Perfect Foundation for those days that you simply have to wear makeup (we’ve all been there!)

It has a really nice fragrance to it which is gentle and not overpowering. The consistency is that of a serum or ultra-light day cream and feels light to the touch rather than sticky.

How easy is it to apply?

The dropper bottle has an easy to use wand too which makes it simple to apply to the back of the hand for the application process.

By using the dropper bottle you place a pea-sized amount on the back of the hand but it takes some practice getting the right amount. You then swipe down gently and feather down onto the cheeks to pick up those fine lines.

The secret is to never dab or apply too much. We smoothed on too much in the first instance and this resulted in a white residue forming around the eye area, otherwise known as frosting, and specifically on one side- which is never a good look!

We then had to wash and start again, which is advised by My Perfect Eyes too, so it is best to follow the instructions exactly or you may get yourself into a sticky situation!

When applying to the area, it is important to dab it on and gently spread it out as evenly as possible, being careful not to wipe over the cheek area.

You must thoroughly wash and remove makeup before use, paying particular attention to make sure all eye makeup is removed.

Also the bottle needs a really good shake. We noticed that if you see any grainy residue that is your sign to keep shaking!

Each bottle can give a whopping 200 applications so it makes sense to follow the usage directions as you really only need the tiniest amount. The saying ‘more is more’ does not apply with My Perfect Eyes!


Did it last the full 10 hours?

In all honesty, we think you need more than one top up with this product to last the full 10 hours. We felt it stayed on for at least two hours which we think gave it the instant tightening effect that it is so famous for but more is needed for complete top up throughout the day.

It is cited as a cosmetic treatment to be used in the morning, so definitely not needed as a night cream.

In the night, it is best to use a cotton wool pad to gently take off and apply your normal night cream.

We didn’t wash the eye area in between applications but you can, and we actually think it may have stayed on better had we have done that.

Prior to reapplying, always make sure not to use an oil-based product when cleansing the face and always spread evenly and lightly- residue is not your best friend with this product!

The verdict?

A great temporary fix for under eye bags to bring tightness- but regular applications needed to keep that tightness at bay! We also think the tightness may feel a little restrictive to some as it works quickly.

We felt overall this would be a good product for photos, selfies and for special occasions such as a party or birthday to be used as a temporary measure. We feel it is more of an ‘occasion’ cream rather than an everyday cream- but if you want instant tightening then this is the one to try!