Behind The Brand: My Perfect Cosmetics

Behind The Brand: My Perfect Cosmetics

Searching for science-backed skincare that delivers visible results without the pain, downtime, or cost of invasive cosmetic procedures? My Perfect Cosmetics Company ticks all the boxes. 

The brand’s mission is to help men and women look and feel their most youthful, confident and fresh, by offering clinically proven products that work; bridging the gap between salon and at-home skincare solutions.

Managing Director Penny Lane founded My Perfect Cosmetics in 2004. After relocating from the UK to Australia, Penny identified a need for targeted skincare products that could tackle the harsh effects of the Australian climate, along with the physical toll of our often busy lifestyles. 

Alongside leading scientists and dermatologists, Penny developed her very own line of skincare designed to combat fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, dark circles and more. Packed with hard-working active ingredients like Vitamin E, beta hydroxy acid, peptides and amino acids, the results spoke for themselves. And once the word was out, My Perfect Cosmetics slowly but surely transformed from fledgling start-up to multimillion dollar skincare empire. 

Today, at least one bottle of the brand’s coveted under eye enhancer, My Perfect Eyes, is sold every 60 seconds around the world. This clinically proven formula helps to temporarily erase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, all in under a minute – perfect for anyone with mature skin, or anyone suffering from a lack of beauty sleep!

For an at-home facial that will rival a trip to your aesthetician, the brand’s My Perfect Facial kit is where it’s at. This age-correcting system helps to tighten, firm and tone the skin thanks to active ingredients like B-Hydroxy acid and peptides, as well as a unique blend of herbs, fruit extracts and enzymes. 

For affordable, accessible skincare that delivers results, shop My Perfect Cosmetics skincare online and in-store at Priceline Pharmacy today.