Top Skincare Tips For Over 40s

Top Skincare Tips For Over 40s

One of the questions I get asked more frequently than any other is, 

“just how do you look after your skin as you hit your 40’s and beyond?”

No matter what age you are, as a woman there can be so much pressure to look after yourself and it’s true that our skin changes as we hit 40, along with our metabolism. 

Little things start to catch up with us. A few grey hairs here, a few wrinkles there, a couple of extra kilos that just won’t shift. I’m no different and the pressure is certainly real. So far, I’ve loved being in my 40’s and I hope that I can help you all embrace being in yours too.

It’s so important to give all the females in your life encouragement and positive feedback.

Honestly, it makes the world of difference and happiness radiates from within which so contributes to that outwards glow that we all aspire to have.

I run an anti-ageing skincare business, and I’m often the face of the brand in social media and on television, so I totally appreciate the importance of looking good and the pressures it can bring. 

So much of it is down to self-confidence and finally feeling comfortable in your own skin but access to results driven products and knowing a few tried and tested skin care tips will really help too.

With age really does come an appreciation of self-worth and there’s nothing more empowering than that.

That’s not to say though that we don’t all want to look our absolute best. There’s nothing wrong in taking pride in your appearance, no matter what stage in your anti-ageing journey you’re at. It’s one of the reasons why I set up My Perfect Cosmetics Company. Luckily there’s plenty that you can do to ensure your skin is in tip-top condition as you transition through the next decades of your life with a big smile on your face. 

It’s an undeniable truth that your skin and your body do begin to change throughout your 40’s. Those pesky hormones have a big part to play. So today I’m going to introduce you to 6 of my top skincare tips for women in their 40’s

Note, younger women can absolutely benefit from these tips too! 

6 Top Skincare Tips For Over 40s

1. Hydration is vital

Moisture levels deplete as we get older as does our natural collagen. So your best friend is H2O, nature’s own beauty elixir. Don’t be tempted to slack on your daily water intake. Good skincare really does start from within, and water is nothing short of holy when it comes to performing mini miracles on wrinkles! 

2. Always use an SPF

If you’ve enjoyed regular holidays in the sun, skin damage is inevitable, but it’s never too late to introduce an excellent daily moisturizer into your routine that’s loaded with an SPF. I really can’t stress enough the importance of protecting skin, no matter what age you are. I highly recommend My Perfect Day which has a wonderful lightweight texture but is packed with hard-working ingredients.

3. Start introducing antioxidants into your skincare regime

To protect against everyday free radicals, environmental pollutants and exposure to the elements you need your skincare to work hard for you so go for a serum or a day cream that is packed with skin loving ingredients that will form an invisible force field giving your skin superhero powers in the fight against your arch enemy, ageing!

4. Give yourself a weekly facial

It’s a great excuse just to relax and take some much needed “me-time” out of your hectic schedule. 20 minutes luxuriating in the bath or relaxing on the bed listening to that latest podcast. My absolute favorite is My Perfect Facial from my own range. It’s a powerful and complete age correcting and lifting system and really does work a treat on 40 something skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots as well as sagging skin. 

5. Prepare your canvas lovingly

Stay away from anything too glam and glitzy or cakey in consistency as it will just amplify those imperfections. You are looking to achieve a subtle and radiant finish when you’re in your 40’s so opt for foundations and primers that infuse your skin with the glow of youth. I wanted My Perfect Foundation to have a luxurious yet lightweight velvety matte finish so that it’s easy to build and blend.

Finish off the look with a dewy dab of blusher to achieve a natural flush rather than looking like a painted doll!

6. Consider investing in a facial gadget

Now is the time to give your skin a helping hand and to consider investing in something like a sonic cleansing brush or a microdermabrasion device. These will seriously help to stimulate the renewal of new skin cells, eliminating every last speck of grime and make-up and working harder than your hands ever could to leave your skin looking more plumped, radiant and hydrated.

So there you have it, some top skincare tips on how to face 40 and beyond looking and feeling your absolute best. 

Penny Lane x