Do Anti-Ageing Products Really Work?

Do Anti-Ageing Products Really Work?

It was probably back in my late 20’s that I became really interested in my own skincare regime as I began to notice the visible signs of sun damage. 

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time living and travelling in two beautiful countries that enjoy more than their fair share of sunshine; Greece and Australia. Let’s just say that when I looked in the mirror about to turn 30, there were a few tell-tale signs that gave away the lifestyle I’d lead in my 20’s! 

I did what any girl would do. I turned to my favourite glossy magazine for the answers! 

I had my head well and truly turned by a bunch of skincare ads featuring air-brushed supermodels and celebrities, promising to give me back the gift of eternal youth. Hook, line and sinker, I trotted off to the department store, armed with my credit card, ready to invest in a beautifully packaged pot of cream that smelt divine, hoping for my own mini miracle! 

Back then I knew nothing about active ingredients. While the creams I bought certainly made me feel great at the time, the lack of results was disappointing, to say the least, and I certainly didn’t wake up looking like I’d be airbrushed overnight! 

Do anti-ageing skincare products really work? What’s the truth behind the marketing claims?

The great news is that these days science and research have come on leaps and bounds from the early 2000s and there are a handful of genuinely hard working active ingredients that really do work when it comes to tackling the major visible signs of ageing.

It’s cutting through all that marketing chatter and beautiful packaging to find those effective products that can be difficult. 

That’s one of the reasons why I set up My Perfect Cosmetics. When I started to do my own extensive research and development, working with world-class labs and leading skincare scientists and dermatologists, I was introduced to a treasure chest of powerful and scientifically proven ingredients that were obtainable without the need for hefty price tags.

That was my Eureka moment.

The My Perfect Cosmetics Ethos

It was always my vision to develop a line of hard-working and effective age correcting products, containing breakthrough formulations at cost effective prices, accessible to everyone. I realised that absolutely could be a reality and that was such a fantastic feeling. Today as a company we spend months, years even, working on the product formulations in our range, not on negotiating contracts for celebrity endorsements. 

That’s the reason why we’re able to bring you a range of anti-ageing skincare products that really are Tried, Tested and True.

What contributes to the ageing process and what can we do about it?

Wrinkles, deep lines, hyperpigmentation, brown spots and a loss of volume. These are just some of the visible signs of the ageing process. Contributing factors include overexposure to the sun’s UV rays, an inadequate diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals, along with stress, environmental toxins, poor sleep and genetics. They all have their part to play. 

The great news is that you can actively reverse some of the signs of skin damage by eating foods high in antioxidants and which boost the production of collagen, scientifically proven to improve the plumpness and elasticity of the skin. 

Which skincare products and active ingredients help with signs of ageing?

One of the most essential products in your skincare arsenal should be a quality day cream, preferably one that also includes an active broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF, antioxidants and active peptides. 

My Perfect Day is a revolutionary high-tech day cream that soaks straight into the skin and looks imperceptible, delivering day long hydration and luminosity. It’s a serious multi-tasking, anti-ageing day cream which provides stunning results. It’s infused with a hard working active ingredient called Argireline Peptide which I chose because it mimics the effect of Botox, naturally, by relaxing the facial muscles and minimising frown lines and wrinkles. With added Collagen, it also plumps and hydrates the skin.  

We really did research long and hard in conjunction with leading dermatologists to find precisely the right combination of active ingredients to put into our results-driven day cream. 

If you really do want to invest in an age correcting product that works and not just one that your favourite celeb has been paid to endorse, then this is the one for you. 

Remember, all our products are Tried, Tested and True, so when it comes to age correction, My Perfect Cosmetics really is 100% Truth and 0% Fallacy!

Penny Lane x